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Can Bespoke Joinery add Value to a Home?

Bespoke joinery comes with a myriad of benefits that can improve the security in your home, reduce your energy bills and improve the overall value of your home. In this blog, we will detail the different types of bespoke joinery that will help you achieve your style dreams.

So can bespoke joinery add value to a home? Bespoke joinery adds more value to your home due to it providing a high end aesthetic that you won’t receive from almost any other furniture product. As it is made to order, it is likely to be crafted well from high quality materials that will outlast mass produced products. Bespoke joinery can come in many forms including windows, doors, staircases and internal furniture like wardrobes.

Read on to find out more about how bespoke joinery can benefit your home.

How Can Bespoke Joinery Add Value to Your Home?

Bespoke joinery is the perfect way to add a unique twist to your home that matches your personal style. It comes with the fantastic benefit of adding to the overall value of your home if you ever come to sell it. As it is crafted specially for you, it should be made with extra care with top quality materials, improving longevity.. This helps you to save money as bespoke furniture shouldn’t become easily damaged, broken or scratched like off-the-shelf furniture. The overall value for money is significantly improved. However, please remember each and every customer has their own requirements and budget that we will respect.

When you come to sell your property, buyer desirability will increase due to the personal touch bespoke furniture adds. They are more likely to want to purchase an enhanced living space rather than one with generic furniture that is available in most shops.

What Types of Bespoke Joinery Can Add Value to Your Home?

There are lots of different types of bespoke joinery that you can add to your home to create a unified look, allow extra light into your home or utilise an awkward space.

Sash Windows

​Whether you replace existing sash windows or want to add them to your home, they are an eco-friendly option that can provide you with a better night's sleep and an abundance of natural light. When made from timber, sash windows also provide natural insulation, helping you reduce your energy bills in the colder periods of the year. For more information on how sash windows can benefit your home, read our recent blog.

French Doors

French doors provide security and durability when they are fitted properly and made from high quality materials. Most commonly fitted as a convenient way to move between outdoor and indoor living areas, they can also be used to divide rooms into unique spaces. The beautiful style of French doors means they will be considered a special amenity for potential buyers when it comes to selling your property. For more information on how French doors can add value to your home, read our recent blog.

​Casement Windows

Casement windows are available in a range of mouldings, section sizes and glazing bars to match your existing windows or give your home a fresh new style. Similar to sash windows, they add extra light into your home and provide additional safety with concealed mechanisms that are impossible to tamper with.


Bespoke staircases are built to last with a large choice of different materials to suit your home’s aesthetic. They can be fitted with integrated lighting to provide a warm greeting when you arrive home in the dark and allow safer passage through your home. Bespoke staircases are designed to fit the layout of your home while still meeting your dream style requirements.


On top of the more permanent fixtures of a home, bespoke joinery can be used to create beautiful unique furniture that can transform rooms. Wardrobes and bookcases can revamp an awkward space into a practical and stylish storage solution that maximises the available space. To find out more about how bespoke furniture can enhance your living spaces, check out our furniture page.

What Are the Other Benefits of Bespoke Joinery?

In addition to adding value to your home, bespoke joinery provides a whole host of other benefits for your home.

Maximise Space

Bespoke joinery is built specifically to fit your home’s requirements. A made to measure wardrobe or bookcase could transform an awkwardly shaped space into a unique functional space. As they can be built as wide or tall as possible, you can fully maximise the space available, a feature that is not available with most off the shelf furniture.

Unique Design

Bespoke joinery offers vast diversity in style, size and shape, the only real limit is your imagination as you act as the designer for your dream furniture. As experts in their field, good joiners should bring your vision to life, matching your room’s existing theme to create a consistent and stylish look. The additions should be fitted properly to help the room flow without gaps.

Finding furniture that matches your existing style can be tricky, bespoke furniture can help the room flow without having to completely redecorate. You can also choose from a wide range of materials and colours that suits your aesthetic dreams. Advice from our 20+ Year experienced Joiners can be contributed in case a neutral recommendation is needed to help with the client’s decision making.


Off the shelf furniture is often mass produced, often lacking in quality. Bespoke joinery often comes at a higher price but for good reason, it is crafted using stronger jointing techniques as well as high quality materials that are fit for purpose and made to last. As joiners are creating a truly unique piece of furniture, the pride in their work is reflected through attention to detail and high quality finish, helping the finished product last.

Extra Light

If you are looking to add extra light into your living spaces, timber sash windows are a perfect addition to any home, also matching the existing style of the building. Timber french doors also let in an abundance of natural light into a home and access between your interior and exterior living spaces. These windows and doors have the added benefit of timber’s natural insulation properties, to reduce energy loss.

Bespoke Joinery with London Joinery Services

At our fully equipped workshop based in North London, we undertake the manufacture of a wide variety of bespoke joinery products, ranging from hand-crafted furniture to manufacturing and installing windows, doors and staircases. Our attention to detail, combined with traditional joinery methods, result in outstanding finished products.

Contact London Joinery Services or call us on 0800 130 3003 today to start your bespoke joinery journey.

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