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Repair & Restoration Services for Windows and Doors 

If the charming old doors and windows of your property are rotten, draughty, or hard to operate, our repairs and restoration service is just the thing for you!

Our expert joiners can carry out repairs and restorations on any type of timber windows and doors, as well as mezzanines and balconies. Decades of experience have given us the knowledge to tackle diverse types of projects with outstanding success and make us the UK’s leading period joinery specialists.

If your charming old windows or doors look ready for the scrapyard, think again!

Rotten, draughty, unsightly windows or doors? Our restoration service is tailored for you.


London Joinery Services explains the process of repair


Sash Window Repair London

Original wooden sliding sash windows provide properties with unmatched period charm and character. But they often come with the downside of draughts, rattling, rot, rain ingress, and heat loss. 

The good news is that the replacement of old sash windows is, in many cases, completely unnecessary. With the right knowledge and tools, most damage and decay can be repaired, giving your sash windows a new life with improved performance.

London Joinery Services deploys experienced joiners for sash window repair and refurbishment across London. Our service focuses firstly on window repair and secondly on upgrading their performance. 


The Repair and Restoration Process

Our door and window repair services are of excellent quality and value, but we will only recommend them to you if we believe they represent a good long-term investment. If your timber door or windows are beyond repair, we will transparently recommend partial or full replacement as needed. 

Also known as sliding sash or vertical sliders, traditional sash windows rely on a weighted system that allows the heavy sashes to lift and fall with ease. In order for the sashes to move in the box and operate smoothly, there is a 3mm gap between the sash and the frame which is often the cause of draughts, rattles, dust and rain ingress, and heat loss. Additionally, use over time and timber decay can also exacerbate these problems.  

If our expert joiners believe that your sash windows can be repaired, they will do so by using the following process: 


  1. Windows are carefully removed from the window frame.

  2. If necessary, the glass is removed so old putty can be scraped away.

  3. Any decaying timber in the units, frame, or sill is routed out to expose the ‘sound’ timber.

  4. Joints are cleaned and any rotten wood is routed out.

  5. Occasionally, new timber is spliced in or replaced where the existing timber is beyond repair.

  6. Cavities are filled with our unique epoxy resin, which is molded to match the existing profile of the timber.

  7. The sash and frame are sanded and primed.

  8. The windows are upgraded by fitting a Brush Parting Bead and a draught-proof Sealing System.

  9. Windows are finished and painted with Dulux Weathershield Exterior paint.

  10. Old sash cords or chain and pulleys are replaced, new hardware is fitted, and the sashes are correctly balanced to ensure smooth operation of the windows.

What are the Benefits of Sash Window Refurbishment?

Traditional timber sash windows are an essential feature of period buildings. Restoring them not only adds aesthetic appeal, but also adds value to your property. 

Our team provides expert sash window refurbishment in London, to help overcome the downfall of old sash windows and maintain the charm and value that these bring to your property. Some of the benefits you’ll notice after  refurbishment include:

  • No more draughts

  • No more rattling

  • Reduced external noise levels

  • Improved insulation and thermal efficiency

  • Reduced dirt and dust ingress

  • Smoothly operating, correctly hung windows

  • Extended window life

  • Enhanced aesthetic value

  • Improved security

  • Added value to your property

Get in touch today to learn more about our services and get a quote!

Our door and window repair services are excellent quality and value, but we will only recommend them to you if we believe they represent a good long-term investment. If your timber windows or doors are beyond repair we will always recommend partial or full replacement.

What Are The Costs Of Window Sash Repairs?

Below you will find an estimate of the two most common services we provide. However, each project is unique. As such, prices will vary based on the extent of the damage and the amount of work needed to refurbish your sash windows to their best working condition. 

For an accurate quote, please get in touch today and we will be happy to assist.

Reconditioning and New Draught Seals

Including stripping, priming, and painting, the costs for reconditioning and fitting new drauch seals is approximately £400-£600 per window. This includes the frame and architrave. 


Double-glazed Sash Replacements Only

To fit into existing frames, the cost is approximately £500 per sash.

No Obligation Survey and Quotation

For an accurate estimate, London Joinery Services offers a free, no-obligation survey and quotation.  After visiting the property and assessing the windows, we will talk you through our service and the best options available to you. Our quotation gives you a full price breakdown, window by window.



  • What area do you cover ?
    we cover many areas of Greater London & St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield, Potters bar, Cheshunt, Harlow..
  • Do you offer a free survey ?
    Yes. A free survey is available to all customers.
  • Do you provide a written quotation ?
    Yes. After a site inspection and discussing requirements with the clients, we provide a written quotation with a full price breakdown, window by window.
  • What is your lead time for new joinery or replacement sash windows and doors ?
    For items which we supply and fit our lead time on all products is between 3 to 7 weeks, and depends on how busy we are (during the busy summer months our lead times can stretch). the lead time only begins once a Purchase Agreement has been signed and your deposit has been received.
  • Are your new double glazed sash windows and doors fully compliant with the building regulations ?
    Yes. Our complete new windows and doors comply with Document “L” building regulations. New windows and doors fitted into their existing frames do not have to comply as this type of work is classed as refurbishment.
  • Can you match the style of my windows ?
    Yes. We are able to match and replicate the existing features of period sash windows and doors and any architraves.Sashed can usually match any existing windows. We just need pictures of the existing windows to kick the process off.
  • Which is better, repair or replace ?"
    Repair is cheaper in the short term but may not provide the best long term solution.
  • How much will it cost to renovate my windows?
    It depends how much work each windows needs but standard draught proofing without replacing rotten sills, glazing etc starts at approximately £350 per window. For a more accurate quote please call us on 0800 130 3003 to arrange a free no obligation survey.
  • How long will my window renovation take?
    The time taken will vary depending on the survey result. Typically we work to a one window per day time scale although this can be adjusted if necessary to suit your requirements.
  • Is it possible to install double glazing into my original sash windows?
    This depends entirely upon what type & conditions of window you have, however we have developed a service that will more than likely meet your requirements, namely by replacing your existing moving sashes with new, slim double glazed replicas into the original box frames. Find out more here.
  • How does the renovation improve comfort levels?
    The main complaints we hear about are draughty, rattling windows. Our draught proofing system closes the gap around the sashes, eliminating draughts, rattles and reducing dust ingress and heat loss.
  • What wood types do you offer and what should I choose?
    We use a variety of timbers. All are FSC certified. In most cases we use Hardwood red meranti but we do manufacture doors and windows out of a wide selection of hardwood or softwood. If you have a preferred timber choice please talk to us.
  • Will there be much disruption during the works ?
    Whilst your windows are being refurbished / replaced a small amount of disruption due to noise, dust and opening to the items is unavoidable. However, great care is taken to ensure disruption is always kept to a minimum. After completion of the works, the room will be vacuumed and left tidy.
  • Do your replacement windows/doors add value to my property ?
    Yes. Without a doubt by installing traditional double glazed timber windows you are adding more value to your property than the cost of the refurbishment project.
  • Will I need Scaffolding erected during the works ?
    Generally most installations / refurbishment works do NOT require Scaffolding as all works can be done from inside of the property, If scaffolding is necessary we will always discuss this with you in advance of the order being placed.
  • How do I know I’m getting a good price ?
    We guarantee to beat any quote on a like for like basis. Let us prove it!
  • How long are your product guarantees?
    We provide 10 year guarantee on our work across all products which have been installed by Design Build Joinery. Supply only customers enjoy five years.
  • I want to replace my windows but live in a conservation area. Do I need permission?
    This depends on a number of factors, like your property type (flat or house). If you are replacing like for like, then you usually do not need planning permission but you should speak to your local authority.
  • I live in a listed building can I change my windows?
    It is not usually possible to change your windows in a listed building unless they are beyond economic repair.
  • Where are your windows & doors made?
    All of our new windows and doors or stairs are manufactured by our expert craftsmen in our workshops in North London. If you would like to visit our workshops to see the windows being made, please contact us on 0800 130 3003 to arrange an appointment.
  • What happens if I find a fault after you leave?
    We have an excellent aftersales service. Please contact a member of our team on: 0800 130 3003. We will then work with you to rectify the problem as soon as possible.
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