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We consider a number of key factors when deciding what timber to use for our new windows and doors.

They are:

  • Durability, an essential quality

  • Straightness of the grain for stability

  • Texture (fine or coarse) - The finer the grain the easier to finish to a high standard

  • Availability - Supplies can vary

  • Sustainability - We are fully FSC® certified

  • Cost - Purchasing timber on the basis of cost is almost always a false economy

timber wood
Hardwood, softwood, or modified timber for your windows & doors?


Deciding on whether to choose a hardwood, a softwood, or a modified timber for your windows and doors depends on a number of factors such as your particular requirements, the properties of different woods and your budget. Whichever you choose, it’s important that the timber is correctly treated and finished so that it performs well. we only use top quality sustainably sourced timbers which are dehumidified and treated prior to manufacture. Our four coats of microporous paint or stain finishes are applied using a spray gun in our factory. Along with good care and maintenance of your windows and doors, this factory coating will protect your chosen timber from any type of degradation until the factory coating requires repainting.


Here you will find our range of timber options for our timber products. All species of timber used at London Joinery Services Limited is FSC certified.



Red Grandis



Engineered Siberian Larch is used for the construction of the frame and sashes. Siberian Larch is classified as a softwood but (like quality hardwood) is naturally durable and does not require any preservative treatment. Siberian Larch is very slow growing and the consequence of this is very tight growth rings. The closeness of the annual growth rings results in a very dense and durable material making it ideal for the testing climatic conditions in the UK. All the Larch sections used are made up of engineered clear grade knot free timber for extra strength and durability.





A solid section of meranti Hardwood is used for all of our window and door sills. Meranti is variable in both colour and density are there are many sub-species of tree. It is a popular, affordable South East Asian hardwood used for Manufacturing windows & doors. Meranti doesn’t easily take preservative and value for money. This makes it an ideal choice of timber to use for the most exposed part of the product, Recommended by us 






A high-grade naturally durable Hardwood timber, Engineered Red Grandis can be selected as a total construction alternative option on request. Red Grandis is used as our standard timber for stained finished products.






Accoya is a specially treated softwood that has incredible levels of performance. Accoya is used to construct the internal/external liners of the window frame as well as the sash midrail. Accoya is a ‘modified timber’. The base material is subjected to a chemical process that fundamentally alters the cell structure of the timber, effectively preventing its ability to hold moisture.

With the points above firmly in mind, we make our timber windows and doors from AccoyaTM or durable hardwood. These timbers are reasonably forgiving of any subsequent lack of maintenance or neglect and will last a lifetime and beyond.


AccoyaTM is a sustainably sourced manufactured wood which is guaranteed against rot above ground for 50 years.  Watch the video to view some of the benefits of AccoyaTM.  

Other woods used in our products


Other common hardwoods used in our manufacture include Sapele, oak, sweet chestnut and Teak. Softwoods include species such as douglas fir, larch, and red cedar.



Here at London joinery Services, we offer windows, doors, and furniture available in both hardwood and softwood. This is so that you can find the perfect material for your needs. For more information please give us a call on 0800 130 3003 or send us a message.