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Supply and Fit Guarantees


We provide our clients with a comprehensive warranty for complete peace of mind. 

The following guarantee warrants products only when products have also been installed by us.



London Joinery Services warrants that the services shall be supplied using reasonable skill and care and that upon delivery and for a period of ten years from the date of delivery and installation of the goods which shall be of satisfactory quality within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979, reasonably fit for the purpose for which they are supplied for and free from defects in material and workmanship.


We shall provide guarantees in accordance with the following schedule:

london joinery services

General Workmanship and material affecting performance


Accoya – 10 years
Durable Hardwood – 10 years
Oak – 10 years

Pine - 5 years


Movement/distortion of timber. Any movement in excess of:

Accoya – Up to 5mm
Durable Hardwood – Up to 8mm
Oak – Up to 12mm


Timber is a natural material that expands and shrinks according to local environmental conditions. No guarantees are given for any new door or frame against minor twisting and distortion as a result of timber movement or the minor opening up of window/door joints. Especially on windows & doors made in other than Accoya. All other warranties remain valid.




The guarantees offered on all products are based on the following conditions:



  • London Joinery Services ltd shall be under no liability in respect of any defect in the Goods arising from fair wear and tear, failure to follow any instructions supplied to you in relation to the Goods, defective brickwork or render, misuse, alteration, or repair of the Goods without our express prior approval.

  • The products have been stored and handled, installed, used and maintained correctly in accordance with our guidelines.

  • Products have not been modified prior to installation.

  • On installation, the site was adequately ventilated to regulate moisture content.

  • The product coating has not failed due to poor maintenance of the building, or by the building’s inadequate design.

  • The product has not been allowed to accumulate dirt and debris resulting in mould growth.

  • The coating has not been exposed to excessive heat (e.g., heating appliances, etc.) or pollutants.

  • The coating has not been subjected to physical (ladders etc) or chemical (cleaning agents) damage.

  • The product is fit for its intended use.

  • All windows and doors must be maintained in line with our window and door maintenance guide, in particular in relation to paint finishes. Failure to maintain the Goods in accordance with the relevant guarantee terms or maintenance schedule will invalidate any guarantee given by us in relation to such Goods.

  • The products have been installed on UK mainland and have been fully paid for.

  • you can transfer the guarantees to the new property owner, subject to a fee.

  • Ironmongery surface finishes are not covered by this warranty. 

  • London Joinery Services do not offer guarantees on repair work.unless with prior agreement



You must maintain the Goods as set out in these guarantee conditions particularly in relation to paint finishes. Failure to maintain the Goods in accordance with the relevant guarantee terms or maintenance schedule will invalidate any guarantee given by us in relation to such Goods.


Ironmongery Locking mechanisims Manufacturer’s warranty only. Entrance door locks are covered by the guarantees provided by the lock manufactures. Please be sure to register your new locks directly with the manufacturer.

Paint Finish for New Product 

The paint finish is covered by this warranty against peeling, cracking over larger areas and failure of the finish leading to exposure of the timber underneath.

New Joinery white/white finish – Up to 4 years
Dark colours painted externally – Up to 2 years
Stains – Up to 2 years

The Paint finish warranty will be rendered invalid under the following circumstances:

  • Where there has been damage to the coating caused by excessive cleaning, poor practice and hosing of windows, exposure to unusual physical conditions including surface wear by natural elements and damage beyond the control of the Company Guarantee

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