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What are the Benefits of Timber French Doors?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Timber French doors are an excellent addition to any home, adding a unique flair with a whole host of added benefits. One benefit is that French doors are ideal for family events as both doors can be opened to create ease of access between indoor and outdoor areas. In this blog, you will learn how to ensure you experience the full extent of potential benefits.

So what are the benefits of French doors? Some of the benefits of adding bespoke French doors include reduced energy bills, letting in an abundance of natural light and ensuring high security.

Read on to learn how else French doors can benefit your home and some advice on how to correctly seal them.

How can Timber French Doors Benefit Your Home?

Introducing our bespoke French doors into your home brings a whole host of benefits on top of their naturally appealing style. Here are the main benefits of timber French doors:


Provided they are fitted properly, bespoke French doors come with the same quality lock as found in most doors, meaning they don’t compromise on security. But, French doors can also be fitted with extra security measures including reinforced laminated glass or extra locking mechanisms for extra peace of mind. We recommend getting help from a professional if you are inexperienced or unsure about fitting your French doors.

Contact us today for a free survey and we will find the right bespoke French doors for you.


When made from high quality materials, our timber French doors are made to last. While the look of your French doors is important, safety should take priority, so ensure they are fitted by an expert. This removes the need for adjustments and repairs further down the road and protects your French doors from damage.


As French doors are predominantly made of glass, they let in an abundance of natural light into your home, essentially doubling as another window. Even when closed, French doors brighten your living area, subsequently reducing electric bills in the lighter months.

Energy Efficient

To expand on the above, French doors can help you reduce your energy bills as they are typically fitted with double glazed glass panes and sealed to eliminate heat loss in colder seasons. Additionally, when the weather turns warmer, it prevents cold air escaping your living space. When open, French doors create a natural air flow through the home. Trickle Vents are also a viable option for when you need a short breeze.


Exterior French doors open directly into your outdoor living area, creating free flowing access and expanding your space for events such as family gatherings. If you have ever had a large item delivered such as a sofa, you understand the struggle of trying to squeeze the item through a small single door. French doors provide the ideal solution as their double doors offer a wider opening.

Unique Spaces

Timber French doors are often installed externally to provide access outdoors, but they can be used internally to divide rooms into unique spaces. This gives your home the illusion of extra space and grants privacy. What’s more, French doors create an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and can be tailored to your preferences.

Worthy Investment

If you are intending to sell your home in the foreseeable future, timber French doors are a worthy investment that will increase the overall value of your house. Due to the beautiful style of French doors, they will be considered a special amenity for buyers.

Where Can You Use French Doors?

French doors can be installed both internally and externally to provide a unique style and create accessibility throughout your living space. Replacing windows or external doors with bespoke French doors ensures extra natural light, however they can be curtained or frosted if you have privacy concerns, or to block the light where required. Internal French doors separate rooms to allow more privacy and conserve heat.

Do French Doors Make Your Home Colder?

A common misconception about bespoke French doors is that they are less safe and more draughty than standard doors, however the opposite is true. As long as they are properly fitted and sealed, with double glazing, French doors are actually very efficient at retaining heat and blocking draughts, all while allowing for healthy air flow.

How do you Seal French Doors?

Your timber French doors need to be weather and draught proof to protect the interior of your home and your family’s quality of life. The most important step is to make sure the French doors are fitted correctly by a professional from the very beginning. However, if you notice damage, or are experiencing draughts or leaking from the weather, you can make sure your French doors are sealed securely by following these steps:

  1. Start by checking for any gaps or cracks, often found around the glass panes, and fill them with caulking.

  2. Apply weather strips around the door frame where it attaches to the doors to create an airtight seal, preventing draughts.

  3. For extra protection, good quality curtains can be added to block any additional heat loss and light when necessary.

Why Timber French Doors?

Timber is one of the most traditional materials used for doors, making it a popular choice. It is a natural insulator, giving your home an additional level of reliability and energy efficiency. As timber production has developed, the process has been refined to create stronger and more stable doors. The different types of timber allow for a bespoke design that fits your individual taste, using either painted or stained as finish.

In summary, the wide range of benefits that timber French doors offer is a reliable, safe and cost effective way to add style to your home. Fit and seal the doors correctly, and you won’t have to worry about heat loss or accessibility to your outdoor space and the natural light that comes with it.

At London Joinery Services, we offer a large range of timber to suit your personal requirements. Whether you choose hardwood, softwood or modified timber, it’s important that the timber is correctly treated and finished so that it performs well. Our factory coating will protect your chosen timber from any type of degradation until the factory coating requires repainting.

Check out our website to find out more about the different types of timber available at London Joinery Services.

Timber French Doors at London Joinery Services

Our affordable Timber French Doors are precision crafted to fit your requirements perfectly. At our fully equipped workshop in North London, we confidently give a 10 year guarantee on our work. Our attention to detail, combined with traditional joinery methods, result in outstanding finished products. Whilst we are based in North London, we cover many areas of Greater London & Hertfordshire.

Contact us today for a free survey and we will find the right timber French doors for you.

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