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What Are the Benefits of Sash Windows?

Sash windows are a secure, eco-friendly and stylish addition to any modern home, or to revive the authenticity of a period building. In this blog, we will define the many benefits they can provide to your home and family, including the most beneficial style and material to use.

So what are the benefits of sash windows? The health benefits of sash windows include a better nights sleep, significantly reduced exposure to damp and mould and natural fresh air. They can also help you save money on energy bills due to the natural insulation properties of timber. Sash windows provide a lavish style that is unmatched in the modern day.

Read on for more information on the abundance of benefits sash windows provide.

What Benefits Do Sash Windows Provide?

Introduced over 300 years ago, sash windows can provide a multitude of benefits for your home. From a better night's sleep to minimising mould, sash windows can improve your quality of life and the air you breathe on a daily basis. Here are the top benefits of sash windows:

Added Value to Your Home

When considering selling your house, sash windows are a popular choice among buyers due to the many benefits listed below, especially when they maintain the authentic visuals of the house. Sash windows are a worthy investment that can be very durable with the correct material, prolonging their lifetime. Sash windows also reduce heating bills as they are draft proof and are excellent insulators with double glazing when closed.

Eco Friendly Ventilation

Sash windows don’t require any moving parts to open and close, meaning they are an eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning and fans. They naturally encourage warm air to rise to the top of a room, making room for cooler air. Providing a gateway between your interior and exterior living areas, the air you breathe is fresh from the outside with the added benefit of a natural breeze on warmer days.

Read our recent blog for more information about the ventilation provided by sash windows.

Low Maintenance

Depending on the material chosen for your sash windows, they can be very easy to maintain, meaning they will last a long time without having to be replaced. With wooden sash windows, such as timber, they can be treated against damage from the elements. Painting the frames with Filling Primer & Undercoat and finally with TopCoat, also helps to increase the longevity of the windows.

For more information on the types of wood we have available at London Joinery Services, visit our website.

Health Benefits

Sash windows can alleviate common ventilation problems including damp, mould and condensation, all of which can be a danger to your health and are a pain to maintain. The natural supply of air into your home can help you keep cool during the night and wake up feeling refreshed. As there is no input from devices such as air conditioners, you can rest assured that nothing is affecting the quality of the air you breathe from sash windows.


Sash windows have a number of safety measures in place to ensure that your home stays secure even when they are open. They don’t need to be fully open to provide perfect ventilation so they can be slid open to the desired position and secured in place using sash stops, preventing any accidents that may occur if the window slipped closed. Double glazing is not only for increasing the warmth and insulation in your home, it adds an extra layer of protection against break ins.


There are a few different styles of sash windows available to match the aesthetic of your home. Although they originated over 300 years ago in the Georgian era, there are now a wide variety of materials available for both the frame and glass, making sash windows aesthetically versatile. If you are looking for a stylish addition to your home that also provides functionality, sash windows are the way to go.

What Are The Benefits of Different Styles of Sash Window?

There are three main styles of sash windows available depending on the era they were introduced in. These are Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian. Each has a similar but still unique look that will add a stylish twist to any house. Alternatively, older houses could benefit from recovering the authentic aesthetic to match the original materials.

Georgian Sash Windows

Georgian style sash windows are one of the oldest original windows that are still in use today. Easily recognisable against the era, these sash windows are separated into six glass panes with narrow glazing bars. In modern times, this style of sash window is considered to require regular maintenance including repainting to maintain the integrity.

Victorian Sash Windows

The perfect option for modern builds, Victorian sash windows are considered a lavish window option that is still perfect for modern builds. As they have two separate sashes with just two panels on each, they let in an abundance of light. For extra strength in the joints and window frames, sash horns can be added.

Edwardian Sash Windows

The most recent version of the sash window is The Edwardian style well known for its elegant look. Combining the best features of both the Victorian and Georgian styles, Edwardian sash windows have one sash with six panels and one with two panels, allowing for stability without sacrificing the extra light. Once again sash horns can be added to support the additional weight of the two panel sash.

The styles of sash windows vary mostly in look, meaning your choice can be based solely on your aesthetic preference. However, the more recent Edwardian style can increase longevity with minimal maintenance.

Which Material Provides The Most Benefits?

At London Joinery Services, we believe that timber is the ideal choice of material for sash windows. It has a beautiful look that can be painted, stained and carved to fit your requirements, while providing natural insulation to keep your house warm during the cold seasons and reducing your energy bills. When properly installed by experts, timber sash windows can last a long time, with minimal need for maintenance. They are also secure against invasion and strong against damage from weather, protecting your family and home. Last but not least, the property value of your home will be maintained due to sustainability of the material used for your window(s).

Sash Windows at London Joinery Services

London Joinery Services offer a range of sash window styles. Each sliding sash window is bespoke and made to measure in our workshop in North London. Our attention to detail, combined with traditional joinery methods, result in outstanding finished products.

To build your dream sash windows, contact a member of our expert team.

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